WordCamp Birmingham 2010 Recap

This weekend, a few folks from the LunaWeb team embarked on the four hour journey through the foothills of Alabama to attend the third annual WordCamp Birmingham conference.

Mitch Canter of StudioNashvegas led an introductory course that served as a crash course in all things WordPress. Those who attended the class were able to learn the difference in WordPress.com and WordPress.org, as well as the difference between posts vs. pages and plugins vs. widgets. Those with little to no WordPress background were provided with a plethora of knowledge on the platform that has become so much more than a blogging platform. Canter provided links for future use that included: Woothemes.com, WordPress.tv, Vaultpress.com, and WPBeginners.com. See Mitch’s handiwork at StudioNashvegas here.

Another favorite was the Web Typography session with Sara Cannon, who pointed out some great resources beyond TypeKit (which we love), such as CUFON and FLIR.  She showed off some examples of advanced web typography, including some beautiful designs at Lost World’s Fairs. Since the sites are using text instead of graphics, they’re getting a lot more keywords hits on a page! Find Sara’s whole slide show here!

Speaking of keywords, Rebecca Morrow let us know just how important they really are (the answer is VERY). Rebecca clued us in on some tools to pinpoint great keywords, like the Google Keyword Tool and SEOBook. Rebecca has also put her presentation up here at SlideShare.

Of course, this only covers a few of the great presentations at WordCamp Birmingham 2010, but here is a full list of the presentations. And here are some links for the presentations that we could find on SlideShare!

If you know where to find any of the other presentations online, please be sure to comment with a link!

If we could have wished for anything, it would be that the wireless had been a little easier to connect to (it was a 3 or 4 step process), but we had a great time and hope they’ll bring the event back next year!

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