The New LunaWeb Guy

Steve, the new guy

Hello!  As the newest member of the LunaWeb family, I want to take a moment to introduce myself.  I joined the team this week as the director of business development.  And while I officially started on Monday, I was able to get an early start last week by giving a marketing presentation at BarCamp Memphis last Saturday which LunaWeb spearheads for LaunchMemphis every fall.  If you aren’t familiar with BarCamp, it’s a un-conference that has an international presence that we’ve been heading-up in Memphis for the past four years.  (All of the presentations/topics are determined by attendees’ votes first thing in the morning – hence an “un-conference”).  BarCamp is focused on the Web, tech, gadgets and how it’s all impacting the community and business. So, it was a great event for learning and networking.

I’m excited to join the LunaWeb team!  Having spent the past few years developing online marketing efforts, I’m happy to join a company whose main goal is to help their clients effectively grow their businesses online.

I’d love to connect with you online.  I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter.  I can also be reached by email: steve [at] lunaweb [dot] com (it’s typed this way to avoid spambots).  Please let me know if I can be of service to you.

I look forward to seeing you online!

Steve Phipps

P.S.  Below is a copy of my presentation from BarCamp.  Please share your thoughts on any great (or not so great) campaigns that I didn’t cover.

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