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Cool Tools for Productivity

So last week we blogged about self-quantification as a method for helping yourself be more productive, happier, and healthier. On our quest we found a wealth of cool productivity apps that didn’t really fit in with the idea of quantifying your life, but we wanted to share them anyway.

Sure, your regular old bookmark bar can keep all the pages you want to read divided into folders, but what if you want something prettier, more expansive, and more organized? What if you want images to jog your memory about why you bookmarked the page? Kippt is your own personal library of the webpages you want to save. Organize it into sections, save whatever you like, and remember more of what you find on the web.


At first this app seems like a simple bullet point list maker, but it’s so much more than that. Each bullet can be expanded to reveal its own list, each item of which can be its own list, and so on and so on until you can’t be organized anymore! Watch this video to see just what I mean – it’s very cool.

CarrotClear, or Wunderlist
A good to-do list is crucial for time management, and here are two options for iPhone (Carrot and Clear) and one option for all platforms (Wunderlist). They all have their perks: Clear is beautiful, intuitive, and simple; Wunderlist works across multiple platforms, maintains many lists at once, and is free; and Carrot is dead simple, sarcastic, and hilarious. If you need a little extra motivation to keep up with your list, we recommend Carrot – the sadistic to-do app that turns getting your tasks done into a fun (and occasionally infuriating) game. (Carrot: $1 for iPhone / Clear: $2 for iPhone / Wunderlist: Free for iPhone, Android, and iPad)

As much as we try to keep our lives digital to reduce clutter, sometimes people need you to print something, sign it, scan it, and email or fax it back. No more! Now you can digitally sign any documents using the touch screen on your smart phone. Email them right from the phone app or access your documents from the web app. So there, paper waste! (Free for iPhone and Android)

Useful tools for productive people.

Students and professionals will definitely appreciate these time-saving and results-boosting web tools. Check ‘em out and spread the word!

Ever wish you could treat the web a little more like a textbook? Take notes in the margins, highlight text, and add sticky notes? BAM. Scrible to the rescue. A must for online researchers, this Javascript based add-on is a cinch to install. Head to their website and literally just drag the button into your bookmarks toolbar. Now you’ve got all the tools you’ll need in a totally convenient drop-down toolbar. PLUS you can save annotated webpages, or email them to colleagues!

What a fantastic, simple, and useful idea. Need to sign a doc that’s been emailed to you? Forget printing, signing, scanning, and emailing it back. Upload it to SignNow’s bank security-level server, use their online tool to sign with your trackpad or even your mobile phone, then email the doc without wasting any paper or fighting with a scanner. SignNow deletes all your finished documents, it’s 100% legal and it works on iPhone, Android, and all computer browsers.

Digital flashcards aren’t a new idea, but these are a little different. Instead of just flipping the card to show you the answer, the program also has you rate your confidence in your answer so it knows how often to bring that card up in your deck. Plus, you can choose from their extensive range of already-made flashcard decks (on subjects ranging from SAT vocab to French conjugations to cocktail recipes), or you can make your own!

We’re adding this tool to the list as something students should check out, but we’re also going to issue a warning with it. The idea is an online professional resume, with areas for a cover letter, writing samples, and other portfolio materials – and the layout is really quite nice. The site is, however, only available to those attending the country’s top 300 accredited universities who also have a GPA of higher than 3.0. How do they check that? Good question. Their FAQs don’t really provide a straight answer, and some of the statistics tossed around their site also seem a little fishy. Check it out, but don’t think this is gonna do away with a good old-fashioned paper resume anytime soon.