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Facebook gets serious about mobile.

We tuned into today’s Facebook event live via http://apps.facebook.com/facebooklive.

Amazingly, the last three months where we’ve had a Social Expedition breakfast, Facebook has also released big news. Today is no exception and boils down to three main points:

  • Single Sign-on for mobile
  • Location API’s
  • Deals

Here are the key takeaways:

Single Sign-on for Mobile

Think Facebook Connect, but for mobile. Here’s how it works (on your phone): login to Facebook, and then access Foursquare (or other participating app) without having to type a unique username and password for Foursquare. This same functionality has existed on the desktop for a while, but hasn’t existed with mobile apps until now. This saves a huge amount of login frustration.

Location API’s

Big news here is that you’ll be able to see where your friends have checked-in near your current location. Example: You’re standing outside of LunaWeb wondering where to go for lunch. You’ll be able to see that lots of your friends have previously checked in at Memphis Pizza Cafe…


For anybody following Proximity Marketing over the past few years, here’s a major step forward. Merchants can create deals and make them available to you based on your location (the deals are proximate). So using the above example of standing outside LunaWeb, in looking at Deals you’ll see that Asian Bistro up the street is offering a free appetizer with the purchase of two lunch specials. (Prediction: this will soon evolve into you being able to specify the types of deals you’re interested in and if you’d like them pushed to you, which is one of the original promises of proximity marketing… steps away.)

Also, Facebook is giving Android devices more attention than previously (this comes on the heels of news that Android is less than 10% away from iOS (iPhone) adoption and closing). In fact, the brand new Facebook for Android app is released today.

Latest Social Expedition Podcast up now with Bob Hazlett

If you’ve been hearing a hum in the air, actually more like a buzz, circulating about the new social networking platform/location-based service/catch-all Google Buzz, tune in to the new Social Expedition podcast to get an inside scoop. Listen as Dave, Elizabeth and Matthew give you their take on the new tool, and then as their special guest, digital marketer and blogger Bob Hazlett (@OneHalfAmazing) joins the mix.

Also, hear Bob talk about his recent entry into the iPhone app store with a dedicated app for his blog, OneHalfAmazing.com. Check it all out at on the Social Expedition Web site.