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Digital Marketing – Tips for Online Media Planning

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of presenting “The Digital Marketing Campaign” at the fourth annual BarCamp Memphis. What a fun day for marketers, programmers, creatives and entrepreneurs!

I asked the audience if anyone had ever heard the phrase, “dancing on a shifting carpet”. Since it’s so integral in my life, I was quite surprised when no one had. Dancing on a shifting carpet speaks to one’s ability to maintain grace and poise, while the ground moves unpredictably. During the most chaotic times, I draw upon Grace Kelly and Fred Astaire.

However, it also fits when developing an online marketing campaign. There can be so many variables, so much research to be compiled and compared, that a clear picture of valuable action may not become clear until the final few hours.

The information to be included in the campaign, will change from company to company, client to client, based on a number of variables. Of course, there are a few basics to be included: recommended placement, placement target audience, ad sizes, etc.

However, when deciding between contextual advertising, behavioral, or retargeting; static or flash; networks or affiliates – the inter-relationships can be complicated. It takes cunning and skill, along with grace and poise, to make sense of it all.

I cover a lot of this in my presentation.  So take a look at the slides below, and give me a call if you’d like to learn more.  Until then, keep dancing!


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Memphis wants Google Fiber … and the City needs your help!

In case you haven’t heard, Google is currently hosting a nation wide competition to give a few lucky communities around the country super-fast fiber optic broadband networks –  and Memphis is vying for one of those spots. This is an incredibly competitive initiative. Don’t believe us? Just check out what some cities are doing to get Google’s attention.

Google Fiber promises Internet speed up to a one gigabit per second – that’s three hundred times faster than typical home broadband service. The real coup of winning a bid for Fiber, though, would be that Google plans to take this service to every home and business in the chosen communities, regardless of the neighborhood’s commercial potential. An investment of that magnitude could transform an entire city.

So where do you come in? If Memphis wants to be a real contender, then Google needs to hear from members of our community. Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton wrote in his blog ways that we, as Memphians, can help the cause. The first step and one of the easiest (but most important) things you can do is to fill out Google’s web questionnaire for community members, stating your support for Memphis, Tennessee.

Filing the questionnaire is simple. If you don’t have a Google account, then just click here to sign up. If you do, then go ahead and Nominate Your Community. When you are finished, press “submit.”

And if you’re looking to get more involved, there are other ways to help. The city is gathering video testimonials, written letters of support, web content and links to Memphis supporters’ Web sites this week only. You can help by making a one to two minute video of you or your friends talking about why you believe Memphis is the best city for Google Fiber. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top or expensive — even a cell phones video stating the case would make a difference.

E-mail the video file once it’s done and it will be posted to the city’s YouTube channel for Google to review.

Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by, Memphis — we want Google Fiber and we can be the ones to help make it happen.