Facebook Graphs

Facebook Graphs

- The Facts

Facebook’s latest update now allows you to search for people, photos, and more using keywords. If you wanted to look at pictures from your dad’s birthday, you would search for “Dad’s birthday pictures” and results would appear for those terms.

One way they will be ranked is on the strength of the relationship between you and the person publishing the post. Basically, the closer the connection, the higher the content will display. Facebook also takes your interest into account when choosing what will display in your search results and how it will be ranked in those results.

The results will not be ranked by most recent. You will find old posts intermingled with more recent posts for the same search term. This is actually a great way to re-discover old posts that may have been funny, awkward or that one time you posted a little too much.

Facebook Graph Search only shows results based on connections, and public posts by personal profiles will not automatically be displayed in the results. The only exception is when you search for a hashtag, and any post using that exact hashtag, can be found and displayed in the search results.

Marketers Can Take Advantage of Graph Search


These new improvements were designed with users in mind, they also give a massive opportunity for marketers than Graph Search ever has before.

- Evergreen creation and promotion

In Facebook Graph Search, older posts still will show up if they are relevant to your search. If you are trying to increase your Facebook CTR in the long run, create more blog posts based on evergreen content (Evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers). Evergreen content will also be great at building sustainable traffic from Google.

- Keywords, link page title, like URL

When you look at the results of your search you will see the keywords get highlighted in blue. The bluer you see in the results, the more likely they will click on the post/link. It is important to have relevancy because when relevancy happens, clicks begin to happen.

- Reaching Fans

Facebook Graph Search currently only displays results from pages and people that you have previously interacted with. If you are a marketer you will need to devote more time into increasing Facebook engagement (likes and comments).

- New Fans

If you are targeting your existing fans you will end up reaching their friends as well through Graph Search, if their friends are searching for something related. There are no set guidelines for getting engagement on Facebook posts, but the need for understanding how to reach future and currents fans through Graph Search will be and is crucial to your marketing strategy.