8 Awesome jQuery Design Functions

jqueryWeb developers everywhere love using the jQuery library as a versatile, time-saving way to elevate a good website to a great website quickly and reliably. In short: it’s amazing.

A little background: jQuery is the term used to collectively refer to a large open-source library of pre-made Javascript-based scripts that work across all the major browsers. These scripts (which are free to use and modify) allow developers to add complex functionality and animation to sites without starting at the very beginning of the coding process. For the website owner, it makes advanced web features like sliders or tooltips inexpensive and easy to implement.

But there’s so much more this library can do! So, to show off the best of jQuery, we’ve put together 8 amazing, mobile-friendly, and very different jQuery plugins that can be integrated into a site design. Who knows – maybe you’ll get some ideas…

This unraveling navigation makes the list for being so visually stunning. This is an element that a whole site could be designed around. We also love that it comes in three different options: facing left, facing right, and head on.

This one is so fun – even the demo elicits a smile! Perhaps the demo takes it a little too far for an average website, but used judiciously, this plugin which triggers animations during scrolling could really bump your website from a snore to a success.

Want to have even more fun with scrolling? Why go straight down? This jQuery plugin allows you to create a custom scroll path, so while the viewer is just scrolling down with their mouse, the website shows them going sideways, diagonal, and even topsy-turvy! This one would be great for a homepage with a story to tell.

Have a lot of content to get on the page, but still want a responsive website? The Nested jQuery plugin might be the answer. Put your content into their gapless grid, and the plugin will rearrange your elements seamlessly to fit on whatever size device you’re viewing it on.

Fit Text
This is a great one for responsive designers because it resizes header text based on the screen size. The most important text on the page will always be the best size for the viewer.

Want your text to fly in from the right? Or bounce down from the top of the screen? Easily animate text with this plugin.

Display an object and allow a viewer to see all the sides of it by rotating it with their mouse. This would be great for a product website!

Lazy Line Painter
Note: this is not flash! That’s right, go ahead and try it on your phone – it works. If you can create a drawing in Adobe Illustrator, you can have your artwork draw itself right on your website upon the page load. Coooooooooool.

We hope we’ve given you a better idea of how amazing the jQuery library is. Are you inspired?