6 Web Design Trends that Will Make Your Website Pop in 2014

web-designCan you believe 2013 is more than halfway over? Next year is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to meet the future with a website that says “hip and savvy,” you’ll definitely be interested in these five web trends. Embrace all of them or none and be a design rebel!

Flat Design
We’ve already written a whole post on flat design here  but this is definitely the hottest and most-hyped trend in web design. The whole idea is about embracing the 2D screen and shedding the drop-shadows and heavy textures that try to make websites look more three-dimensional. Read more about it here!

Mix-and-Match Typography
Ok, this one is tricky because many websites try, and only some succeed in successfully mixing and matching several fonts. In general, you want to stick with one font in each larger typographical category (i.e. one serif with one sans-serif, or one serif with one script, or one script with one serif and one sans-serif). Here’s a good example of three font styles mixed beautifully on the Brooklyn Soap Company site:


Parallax Scrolling
This one is harder to explain that to just see. Check it out here or here  See how the background actually becomes and interactive part of the content when you scroll? It even helps tell a story! Coooooool.

Single Page
Instead of putting all your content on different pages, many websites these days are opting to put all their content on one page that users scroll through. This trend is often used in conjunction with parallax scrolling, but not always!

Full-width Background Images
Often displayed with text over them, full-width photo backgrounds can give your site a unique look without much work. And it’s not just for photographers! Check out the Brooklyn Soap Company again or the Paper Mill in Edinburgh.

Responsive Design
Not everyone has jumped on the responsive design train yet, and that’s okay. We’ve actually got a post that helps break down when you might want to go with a separate mobile site instead. That said, responsive design is really hot right now, and it can be just as easy (and often easier) to develop than a separate mobile site!