6 Text-Driven WordPress Themes

Not all of us are photographers, but so many WordPress themes seem focused on images. When choosing a WordPress theme you might want to ask yourself how much time you want to put into your photos. Is it enough to warrant a full width carousel? Do you want seven photos on the homepage?

Text can be beautiful, too. So if you’re really more of a writer, embrace it because there are lots of great WordPress themes just for you. And here are six great ones!


Lefty: This theme is sleek, striking, responsive, and FREE. Even though it’s shown with photos, it would definitely look great with just text. What else could you want?!



ManifestThis is a beautiful, clean, and narrow theme that is also totally free. It’s a great theme for anyone who doesn’t need a sidebar. (Not responsive)



Pinzolo: Another minimalist, responsive and FREE theme.



Twenty Thirteen: Let’s not forget about WordPress’s homemade themes! It’s free, responsive, and very modern!




Auguste: Only $15, this theme available on ThemeForest incorporates color in the header and rotating top slider, but the rest is mostly clean text. Really nice! (Not responsive)

Auguste HTML — Themeforest.net — By Carlo Franco


Acute: Here’s another no-sidebar theme, but with a lot of sophistication! It’s $40, and it’s responsive!