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5 Apps for Self-Quantification

self-quantificationWe’re always trying to do better, be more streamlined, and get more of our ideas on paper. We bet you are, too, and like us, you probably use technology to help you get there.

One way to reach new milestones in anything from your workout to your happiness is to quantify it, then strive to beat your own numbers. With technology following us everywhere we go, turning life into numbers is a lot easier than ever before. There’s a whole movement surrounding the idea of “body hacking” through technology and numbers called “self-quantification” or “quantified self” and it’s a great way to get insight into your body and habits and make real positive changes.

Things people track include weight, mood, activity, hours of sleep, projects completed, and basically anything else that be converted into numerical information. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few apps that might help you jump off into the data-driven world of self-quantification.

Props to this app for being fun to look at, plus it’s very user intuitive. You can easily track anything in numbers with beautiful graphs. It doesn’t let you take notes, but if you’re not looking for that feature, this is a great app. (Free version for iPhone)

If you’re looking for less graph driven tracking, Evernote works on every device and can easily handle a simple spreadsheet. If you’re looking for something more flexible to track notes and photos along with your data, Evernote is a great option. (Free on iPhone and Android)

Slightly more versatile than Daytum, InfiLog lets you set up templates of information, so you might have a Health template that includes weight, blood pressure, calories consumed, plus notes about how you felt and an overall rating of your health that day. It also includes graphs. The free version is pretty limited, but the $2.99 allows you to track just about anything. (For iPhone and iPad)

If you’re looking more to count items on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (such as times you meditated, glasses of wine, or cups of water consumed), Tally Zoo is perfect. With a dashboard of one-touch buttons to log, you can keep track of your habits easily. (Free for iPhone)

If you’re just starting out with self-quantifying, you might just get going with this easy app. Just rate your mood and write a few words about why you feel that way. It’s a great way to promote self-reflection and see patterns in your ups and downs. (Free for iPhone and Android)

It’s important to remember when approaching a self-quantification routine that the goal isn’t the numbers, it’s results. Miss a day of tracking? That’s okay. Numbers aren’t quite right today? There’s tomorrow. Use these as a tool, not to run your life, and you’ll find you’re making huge strides towards your personal goals!