pii2011 (privacy identity innovation): Round Two!

pii PanelLast year, when “privacy” was the word on everyone’s lips (mainly thanks to Facebook), the Bay Area’s Natalie Fonseca and  Marc Licciardi decided to bring all the concerns to one table. They organized the first Privacy Identity Innovation conference (pii2010), which drew together thought leaders and stakeholders in the privacy multi-sphere to explore some of the hardest questions of the Information Age.

Now, in 2011, though some of the hype and hysteria about privacy has slightly cooled, the core issues surrounding the protection of our information are still crucial and fluid. That’s why we’re so psyched to see what will come from pii2011. (Admittedly, we’re also excited because some of LunaWeb’s photos from pii2010 are used for this year’s site!)

Registration is now open for the event on May 19 and 20 in Silicon Valley, and will feature speakers from Google, CBS News, Stanford Law, Microsoft, Wired – the gambit, basically. Check out the full list of speakers here.

A pre-conference reception and dinner salon will be held May 18 that pii2011 is co-hosting with the team from Techdirt at www.techdirt.com. A separate ticket is required, but well worth it!.

If you stick around another day, there’s a PrivacyCamp on the 21st, and the cost is included in your ticket to the conference! You may just see us there – LunaWeb has been invited to cover the event again this year! Visit pii2011.com for full details.


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